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Refund Policy


1. It is the policy of BEST LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR to adhere to standards of ethics, fairness, and equity in all of its affairs. This includes refund policy.

2. BEST LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of the client from project start to completion.

3. Client must notify BEST LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR immediately of any issues requiring attention.

4. In case you are not satisfied with the translated documents (or any other services), they will be translated (performed) again free of charge. We will do our best to respond to any complaint and deal with any issue. If this still does not satisfy you, we will return your payment.

5. BEST LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR reserves the right to make final determinations regarding refunds, including refund amount, if any.

6. Refunds for services due to cancellation

A. The portion of charges for work already performed is not refundable.

B. Should BEST LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR receive a cancellation request prior to the completion of an order, the charges for the portion of work not yet performed may be refundable.


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