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Ukrainian is a language of the East Slavic subgroup of the Slavic languages. It is the official state language of Ukraine. Ukrainian is spoken by approximately 36 million people in the world and there is a significant need for English to Ukrainian document translation. Most of the countries where it is spoken are ex-USSR where many Ukrainian have migrated, Canada and the United States with large Ukrainian population.
Ukrainian is descended from the East Slavic, along with the Russian and Belarusian, or White Russian, languages. These three East Slavic languages initially shared essential grammatical features which allowed them to use a shared writing system known as Church Slavonic or Old Church Slavonic. The first samples of written Ukrainian appear in 12th century manuscripts. However due to centuries of political subordination, Ukraine lacked any form of formal written expression for many years.

Cool features of Ukrainian language:

  • Future tense form is constructed without any auxiliary words, just one word, and that’s it! You just add the ending! [will be sitting=syditymu]
  • You’re definitely tired of 6 noun cases in Russian. In Ukrainian we’ve got one more, but don’t be afraid of it, it’s a really cool one! When you’re respecting good old Carnegie’s advices and calling people by names, you use this 7th Vocative case with special ending. [thanks, Mark=äÿêóþ, Ìàðêó]
  • Ukrainian language has some new Cyrillic letters in comparison to Russian.
  • Pronunciation is a bit different from Russian. Generally Ukrainian is easier than Russian to pronounce and spell correctly. “Read how it’s written” rule usually works here.
  • To Russians it makes no difference between “better” and “the best“. But in Ukrainian the difference is strict, it’s “kraschiy” and “naykraschiy“.

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